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How to Hire International Teachers

We find teachers, and we make sure they are ready to teach for you, including passing the credential review and teacher licensing processes. and acquiring a visa.

Step 1: Find your candidates

Contact Janice Bickert at bickertj@ttsi.global to discuss your hiring needs and teaching vacancies.

Review candidates: Visit the Teacher Expo or we’ll bring their resumes to you.

Step 2: Skype Interview

Once you have identified a strong candidate for your teaching positions, we will help set up an interview via Skype. In fact, we can be right there with you as you and your team conducts the interview just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Before the interview, we work with the teacher candidate to make sure the Skype software and Internet connection are sufficient.

Step 3: Letter of Intent to Hire

If you are pleased with the candidate’s interview and credentials, your next step is to issue a Letter of Intent to Hire.

This letter is critical. Here is what happens next.

  1. You send the letter of intent to hire (or we can send it for you).
  2. The teacher will be able to get a visa to travel to the U.S. Teachers can usually arrive in 4 – 6 weeks after they receive the hiring letter.
  3. Once here, we help the teacher acquire a social security number and complete the disrict’s hiring documents.
  4. The Public Education Department Licensing Bureau will release the teacher’s license.

We only offer teachers with teaching licenses, but the license is only released once the teacher has a social security number. After you prepare the letter of intent to hire, we will make sure it gets to the teacher as quickly as possible, and we will help the teacher acquire a visa.

Step 4: Complete the visa sponsorship documents

As a host school or district, federal regulations require you to submit information about the position and school. The visa program sponsor will send you everything you need, plus a required agreement form. With this information, the visa sponsor can provide the teacher his or her visa documents. We can help you with this!