Ready to Teach

If you have been teaching for 2 or more years, we can help you get ready for a U.S. teaching position.

Credentials: We assist you with the credential review process, which is needed to obtain a teaching license.

Licensing: We help you submit the correct documents to the Public Education Department so that you can receive a teaching license.

Visa: Once you are hired, we connect you with our Visa partner to complete your visa application. Our Visa partner works just as hard as we do to make sure you can teach in the U.S.

Finding Your Job

TTSI has close, personal relationships with many district and school administrators. They trust us to find good teachers, and we deliver!

To find your teaching job, TTSI uses a successful multi-strategy approach.

Direct Contact: Personal visits to administrators seeking teachers. Administrators look forward to our visits because they know we will help them.

E-Mail Blasts: Frequently updated lists of available teachers and credentials, specific to school districts. We even follow up by phone and visits.

Job Fairs: We attend school hiring events and share teacher resumes and credentials. We go to administrators when they are looking for teachers.

Online Teacher Expo: A one-of-a-kind online teacher Expo. School administrators view teacher profiles, pictures, and resumes. They can make their hiring decisions as early as possible.

Getting Hired

It’s the big day: time for your employment interview with a school principal! We are there to help you.

Before the Interview: We can conduct practice interviews, and we let you know the types of questions you may be asked so you can prepare your responses.

During the Interview: We make sure your Skype is running smoothly, and we participate in the interview to make sure everything goes well.

When You Arrive

TTSI doesn’t drop you off to find your own way. We keep helping you!

Airport Pick-Up: When you get off the plane, we will be waiting for you.

Housing: If you need help with housing, we find a comfortable and safe place for you to stay when you arrive. We take you to the door and help you settle in.

Social Security Number: You need this number to finalize your employment contract. If needed, we take you to the Social Security office to get your number.

Transportation: We provide you with bus routes, ride-sharing information, and other ways to help you get around in your new community.

Teaching and School Advice: Do you need help working in your new school? Call us. We are experienced educators and administrators, and we can advise you.

Bottom Line

We want you to get a good teaching job in the U.S., and we want you to be successful once you get here. We are on your side, and we are here to help you every step of the way!