Salaries and Fees

Teacher Salaries: 2019–2020 School Year

The New Mexico minimum salaries for the 2019–2020 school year:

Level 1 teachers
(novice teachers)


Level 2 teachers
(more experienced teachers)


Level 3 teachers
(experienced teachers with masteral and/or doctoral degrees)


Other states have different salary rates. If you have specific questions about other states, feel free to ask us. We’ll find them for you!

Costs and Fees

Even before you get your license and your first job interview, we make sure you know every cost and detail of working with TTSI. We send you, in writing, everything that you will need to do and pay. We want you to make a good decision…with no surprises later!

Before you begin your new teaching position, you pay only for the license application and background check fees, plus a very small processing fee to TTSI. Total cost: $399.00
This may be waived if you are not seeking a position in New Mexico.

Once you begin teaching in your new job, your total cost for all of our support and services, including the visa sponsorship fees, will be far less than 10% of your salary in your new teaching position.

You will pay the visa fees to the visa sponsor before you arrive. After you have been teaching—and receiving a paycheck—for a few months, you will begin paying TTSI fees in monthly installments.

All costs are fully explained in the TTSI documents we send you before you begin the process.