Are you eligible to participate?

All teachers will enter the U.S. with a J-1 Cultural Exchange Visa. To be eligible for the visa, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Meet the qualifications for teaching in primary (including pre-kindergarten) or secondary schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence (you must be licensed to teach in your country);
  • Be working as a PreK – Grade 12 teacher in your home country or country of legal residence at the time of application, OR
    • Meet all other the eligibility qualifications,
    • Have recently (within 12 months of application) completed an advanced degree, and
    • Have two years of full-time teaching experience within the past eight years;
  • Have a degree-equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree or higher in either education or the academic subject field in which you intend to teach;
  • Have a minimum of two years (24 months) of teaching or related professional experience;
  • Satisfy the standards of the U.S. state in which you will teach (have a teaching license for the state);
  • Be of good reputation and character;
  • Be seeking to enter the United States for the purpose of full-time teaching as a teacher of record at an accredited primary (including pre-kindergarten) or secondary school.
    (Pre-kindergarten teachers must teach full-time at the pre-kindergarten level, and may teach only language immersion at an accredited host school);
  • Possess sufficient proficiency in the English language.

(adapted from https://j1visa.state.gov/programs/teacher)

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